Mutual Funds: High Costs for Long Odds

In 1924, mutual funds were introduced and were possibly the most consumer-friendly invention in the history of investing. The ‘20’s also saw the invention of the jukebox and the instant camera.

If you need to take a photograph or want to listen to music, would you log into Amazon Prime and order yourself a jukebox? Or a Polaroid camera? Likely not. Those wonderful inventions of yesteryear were obsoleted by more modern inventions, ultimately culminating in your smart phone.

In our new whitepaper, we break down mutual funds’ inherent weaknesses. These include high costs, tax inefficiency and essential conflicts that naturally exist between the mutual fund company and its investors. Taken together, these weaknesses have led to disappointment for many mutual funds, and those who invest in them.

If you own mutual funds, you really should learn about all of this, and what you can do to replace an archaic approach with something that may be much more likely to produce the results you need.

Do you have questions about your mutual funds? Do they have hidden costs? Are they subjecting you to taxation needlessly? How much might they fall in a Bear market? Find out with our free report. Request your Taxes First, Then Math™ Analysis.