The Evolution of the Family Office Starts Here

Bill Perlette
Family Office Director

What is a Family Office?

The wealthiest Americans are also the most successful investors, and that is neither a secret nor a coincidence. We believe the reason is simple: they are served by Family Offices.

The Family Office focuses on the integration of tax, wealth, and risk management into one cohesive experience. Typically, in financial services, advice is segregated to very specific expertise versus connected across the different financial services disciplines.

Creating a cohesive and integrated plan can have the same impact once only reserved for the wealthiest. It is now available to every American family.

Why You Need a Family Office

We see that too many of our clients suffer from the conflicts, high costs, and inefficiencies that result from working with multiple, often competing financial firms. We have made it is possible for every American family to enjoy the advantages that were once only available to the ultra-wealthy.

Those advantages include lower costs, smarter tax treatment, and a holistic approach to preserving, protecting, and growing their wealth.

Our vision for a brighter future is to provide the professionals, the expertise, the systems, and operational controls required
to deliver the family office experience.

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Tax Optimized Portfolio Management

If you want to win Wimbledon, you should figure out what Serena Williams has for breakfast. If you want to maximize your portfolio efficiency, you should learn from family office best practices. In this blog, we’ll focus on a little-known but important discipline known as asset location.

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Tax Planning is a Business Decision

For many business owners, taxes are their largest single expense. Larger than qualified plan contributions, larger than their mortgage, sometimes even larger than the kids’ college education. If taxes take the biggest bite out of your working capital, your tax strategy may be as important as your go-to-market strategy.

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The Reverse Tax Gap

According to the IRS, the “tax gap is the difference between the estimated ‘true’ tax liability for a given period and the amount of tax that is paid on time.” The amount collected by the IRS includes billions of dollars in taxes that were overpaid due to mistakes and misunderstandings of the tax laws. As tax professionals, we are concerned about both of these gaps.

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Certainty vs. Control: A Crucial Distinction

Risk and return are two sides of the same coin. There simply is no prospect of meaningful, real return without exposure to some risk. Experienced investors understand this, and accept the reality that successful investing will require both patience and discipline. Although there is no way to predict or control the ups and downs of markets, there are four controllables that can have a profound impact on real returns.

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A Stoic’s Guide to Investing

Stoicism, the ancient Hellenistic philosophy, is making a comeback these days. Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg are among a large and growing number of super-wealthy people who have embraced the tenets of Stoicism. If you’re concerned about your investment portfolio, it might be a good idea for you to look into it as well.

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How the Super Rich Survive and Thrive in Times of Uncertainty


What can you expect?

Proactive Tax Planning

Most financial professionals neglect this important discipline, but we believe that it’s not what you make, but what you keep that  matters.

Taxes are a drag on portfolio performance, wealth accumulation and lifestyle choices.

We will work to lower taxes in a way that is legal, moral and ethical.

Control the Controllable®

Historically the financial services industry wastes time and money on attempting to control things that can’t be predicted or controlled, such as market direction, volatility, inflation, interest rates, etc.

Our approach is to focus on costs, tax efficiency, diversification and maximum loss exposure. All these things can, and we believe, must be controlled

Multi-Generational Focus

Long-term planning is common among family offices, with a goal of maximizing the wealth transfer to succeeding generations or, in many cases, making an impact on society through charitable giving.

Risk Management

Today risks are magnified for the simple reason that you have so much to protect. Your wealth can make you a target, and the complexity of your holdings can create unwanted personal liabilities that can be managed with careful planning

Prudence & Discipline

As a general rule, family offices do not take uncompensated risks in their investments. They  tend to avoid speculation, preferring instead to take an institutional approach to asset allocation and portfolio management. Family offices accept the ups and downs of markets in ex- change for long term wealth building.

Best Interests Standard

Also known as the fiduciary rule. We follow this standard and put the interests and welfare of our clients first. Because we are Best Interest focused, we search for and implement only what we believe are the most beneficial solutions for the unique needs of the families we serve.